5 Tips for New Motorhome Owners

Just purchased a new motorhome? Congratulations are in order! You’re well on your way to years of travel enjoyment. You and your family can now tarv_spring_cke vacations in comfort and style all over the country with a convenient and cozy home that provides your accommodations for you along with your form of transport. Krenek RV is in Coloma, Michigan.

Reserve Your Spot

One important step to take is to get your campsite reserved for your upcoming trip well in advance. Campgrounds can fill up very quickly during peak seasons, so you’ll want to reserve your campsite as soon as you know where you’re going and when you’ll be there.

Take some time to consider your destination and plan a logical route to it that factors in whatever is most important to you, whether that’s lowering mileage to save on gas, finding scenic views to make the drive more interesting, visiting roadside attractions to amuse the family or avoiding traffic jams and construction zones.

Once you have everything lined up, you can nail down your campsite so you’re not driving around in the dark while exhausted, trying to figure out where to park your motorhome. This is particularly important when it comes to larger motorhomes because not every campsite can accommodate big rigs.

Always Check the Area

Regardless of whether you chose your campsite yourself or it was assigned to you, make sure to scope it out thoroughly when you arrive at the RV park. Look for uneven patches of ground that might hamper your setting up process or make your trip more uncomfortable. Consider your motorhome’s size and whether it will fit in the spot well. Check around the campsite for obstacles that might frustrate you, like low-hanging branches.

You don’t want the campsite to give you anxiety, either. If you want to avoid traffic, you should have a site away from the road and the busier sections of the campground. If you’re close to nature, you may have animal visitors, so be aware of that, too. If you feel like something about your campsite just won’t work for you, then talk to the owner about swapping it out before you get your motorhome parked and set up.

Check Your RV Before Pulling Away

When you’re ready to depart your campsite at the end of your trip, it makes sense to do a thorough check of your motorhome and the surrounding area to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. You should have a to-do list that helps you to pack up your motorhome, including unhooking your power and water hookups, emptying blackwater and graywater tanks as necessary, packing up patio furniture or anything you set up outside your camper, closing slide-outs or awnings and generally buttoning up your motorhome to get it road-ready.

Pack Light

Despite the fact that your motorhome has a plethora of storage space on board, it doesn’t make sense to overload your motorhome and exceed its weight rating, making it harder to drive. Legal limits are imposed on how much motorhomes can weigh, too. Carefully consider what to bring and try to pack as lightly as possible. You’ll also reduce clutter and stress by having less to worry about. Draw up a list of the essentials for everyone going on your trip and make sure to adhere to it. Pack a few outfits that are easy to wash and layer instead of too many clothes that are hard to store. Don’t forget essential safety equipment like fire extinguishers, emergency radios and first aid kits!

Carry A Small Repair Kit

It’s important to be prepared for emergencies. Your motorhome may suffer a breakdown and require some minor repairs, so bring along a repair kit to get moving quickly again without having to wait for an expensive tow truck to save you. Your repair kit could have jumper cables, a lug wrench, a spare tire and tire patches, extra fuses, nuts and bolts, connectors and a tire pressure gauge with an air compressor. Put in anything else you think might be essential.

A new motorhome can take you all kinds of places, allowing you to see the country in a new way. Still looking for a new camper or motorhome? Visit our dealership to see our inventory of new RVs, including motorhomes and campers. Krenek RV is located in Coloma, serving the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan, as well as La Porte, Indiana.

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