Choosing The Right RV

Recreational vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and styles, from compact travel trailers to expansive class A motorhomes. While any RV can take 6729231-0-49459531you on a comfortable adventure, they are quite an investment so you’ll want to make sure you get the one that meets the needs of you and your family. For a great selection of new and used RVs and travel trailers, come to Krenek RV, located in Coloma, Michigan. We can answer any questions you may have after reading this guide and help you narrow down your choices.

What’s Your Camping Style?

Different recreational vehicles are suited to different styles of camping. If you’re looking for a capacious lookout from which to observe the world around you and you’re not worried about being constantly on the road, look into destination trailers, which are meant to stay in one place for a long time so you can park at a campsite and just relax. Looking for more mobility? Consider smaller motorhomes or RVs that you can quickly pack up and drive to your next destination. Seeking adventure off the beaten path? Try a travel trailer or fifth wheel that allows you to bring your own car for day trips. A large RV or travel trailer is great for boondocking as it gives you the space to bring all the supplies and water you’ll need to camp without hookups.

If you’re into powersports of any kind, a toy hauler is your best bet. These are travel trailers with a built-in enclosed garage space that’s great for storing ATVs and other quads, as well as motorcycles, dirt bikes and personal watercraft so you can take your adventuring tools with you. Think about the sorts of trips you want to take and narrow down your RV choice based on the style of camper that will work best in those conditions.

How Many People Are You Bringing?

If you’re traveling as a couple, you won’t need as much space as a large family or group of friends might require. Motorhomes and travel trailers are great options for the itinerant couple, as are smaller RVs. If you have kids, you may want to invest in a larger RV or motorhome that has plenty of berths and storage space for all the stuff kids need to bring. Looking to entertain on the road? Roomy travel trailers can give you the space you need to host other campers.

To Tow Or Not To Tow

Another important consideration when selecting a recreational vehicle is whether or not you want to tow. If you already have a large truck or SUV with the gross combined weight rating (GCWR) required to hitch up a trailer, you’re in luck — you can go ahead and buy that travel trailer of your dreams. A fifth wheel requires an open bed on a pickup, so if you already drive a half-ton truck, you’re all set to host the necessary coupling.

Towing doesn’t have to be a trial — fifth wheels, with their secure hitch that locks into the bed of a truck, make it a stable process. Travel trailers only require some practice with turning and reversing to make sure you have it down before you hit the road. Both of these options also allow you the freedom to unhook your towing vehicle at your campsite and head off in your truck on a day’s adventure or to run errands in town.

If you’re sticking with highways and roads with ample space for your RV, and you want to be able to just hop in the cab and drive your whole home with you, look into motorhomes. These will give you all the space you want with the engine to get wherever you want to be. The beauty of motorhomes is that they don’t require you to already own a towing vehicle that might break down separately from the increased wear and tear. There are thousands of campsites around the country that have space for the biggest RVs on the market, so don’t feel like you need to shop small!

Ready to start shopping for your very own recreational vehicle? For a great selection of new and used RVs for sale, come visit the Krenek RV dealership, located in Coloma, Michigan. We can show you our range of travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes and toy haulers to get you on the road in the vehicle that’s just right for you and your family. Krenek RV proudly serves customers in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as those in nearby La Porte, Indiana.

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