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Krenek RV Center
Temp RV Housing

Krenek RV Center Long Term Temporary RV Housing

Less than the cost of a hotel room, you can have one of our luxury 40+ foot temporary housing RVs parked right in your driveway, on your construction site, at your lakefront or anywhere else you may need temporary RV housing.

We are the premier temporary housing company in Michigan and have helped hundreds of families across the Midwest stay together in a home, not a hotel.

We’ve also assisted major construction companies and Hollywood studios with production trailers and mobile offices at a moment's notice.

Long Term Temporary RV Housing At Krenek RV

Krenek RV will bring your temp RV housing right to your driveway, worksite or campsite. From flat-screen TVs to bunk beds, our temp RVs in Krenek can accommodate your family or business with the convenience and security you’re looking for.

Who Needs Temp RV Housing?

Insurance Housing: When disaster strikes, you want to be close to home to pick up the pieces, and often guard your home as it’s being rebuilt. We offer the newest RV’s with full amenities to make it feel more like home. This also affords that your children’s lives won’t be disturbed and they can go about their normal routine with school and other functions. This temporary housing solution offers you peace of mind while keeping your family together in a safe environment, extremely close to home.

We’ll also work with your insurance agency and handle the paperwork. We make it extremely easy and affordable to live in a temporary housing RV so you can focus on the important things; like rebuilding your home while keeping your family together on your property.

When powerful bad weather & storms strike causing floods, fire or other natural disasters, be assured that Krenek RV has the temp housing readily available to deliver to your property at a moment's notice.

Construction Trailers: For every site, you need to ability to work and rest. Depending on where you may be building you need the safety and security of our newest construction trailers. The big sliding glass doors allow you to monitor the worksite and allow access for site visitors.

Makeup | Movie Trailers: Have a film production project coming to Krenek? Look no further than Krenek RV. We have large RV's that have divided bedrooms for changing rooms and lots of lights!

RV Temporary Housing Amenities Include:

  • Full bathroom with shower
  • Master bedroom with a queen-sized bed
  • Large Flat Screen TV
  • Quad Bunks
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Gas Stove with Oven!
  • Storage Space
  • Microwave
  • Dishes, Cutlery, Linen*
  • Washer/Dryer if needed*

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Monthly Travel Trailer Rentals

Even though everyone loves being on vacation. The fact is RVs are not only for the vacationer. Krenek RV has a selecting of temporary Housing inventory custom-designed for the long term renter in mind. Amenities including home size refrigerator, washer/dryer, elevated ceilings, and 2 private bedrooms are the touches that make our customers choose our travel trailers. Our professional and friendly staff is what keeps our customers happy they chose us.

Whether the travel trailer is being placed at your residential property, an RV Park or a remote jobsite we pay attention to every detail to make sure you are taken care of from start to finish. In the quoting process, we perform a consultation to choose the right travel trailer for your needs. We ask the right questions in advance to ensure that the delivery and set up process is a breeze and you are not in for any surprises. We have technicians who take the time to explain how to use the travel trailer. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in an RV or you have been around them for years. Customer care is our top priority and we will make sure you feel comfortable using the RV throughout the entire rental.

Disaster Relief

Set up on Residential Property

Our staff is sensitive to the needs of every family who has experienced damage or the loss of their home. We act immediately. We insure that your property has the proper resources needed to connect the travel trailer to Power, Sewer, and Water. If these items are not available, we assist in hiring vendors to get them or have alternatives for each.

Not Enough Room at Your Property?

Set up at an RV Park

Our goal is to offer our customers a pleasant temporary housing experience from beginning to end. This process begins with selecting the rental that perfectly meets your individual needs and delivering it to your desired location. All units include touches from home like electric awnings, flat-screen televisions, microwave, oven/stove, residential-size refrigerators, and well laid out floor plans with private bedrooms.

No Hotels for Your Crew?

Set up on the Jobsite

Avoid long-distance trips to and from the Jobsite and stay there! Your crews will work efficiently by staying at the Jobsite and not getting worn out driving long distances to hotels. You can sleep 1-4 people per travel trailer providing privacy and comforts of home.

We assist in arranging power, sewer, and water so that the land is left as you found it.

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